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SKU: 101092 Part Number. BOMEGASNOW1L
A heavy duty foam for dirtier weekends.
Serious cleaning power.
Strong yet safe.
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We love a good Snow Job pre-wash, but sometimes on those dirtier weekends you need something with a bit more oomph to cut through and loosen heavier dirt and grime. Mega Snow Job is our new heavy duty snow foam designed for those dirtier jobs - whether it's for your 4WD, motorbike, off road caravan, even watercraft, or you just want that deeper clean

A more heavy duty snow foam, ideal after a weekend of bush bashing the 4x4's or dirt bikes, as well as boats, jet skis, vans and trucks.

  • Uses a concentrated blend of modern surfactants, to create a super thick blanket of wet foam to penetrate and loosen heavier dirt and grime.
  • Works as a touchless pre-wash to help dramatically reduce any wash induced swirl marks on modern clear coat paints.
  • Anti-rust and salt removal ingredients, ideal for 4x4's, water craft and even off road caravans.
  • A subtly boosted alkaline formula with a pH of 9.0 in solution, for a nice lift in cleaning power.
  • Not caustic or corrosive, no acids, abrasives or silicones.
  • Can be used in the shade or direct sun, where it won't leave hard to remove streaks if it dries. 
  • Safe for ceramic coatings and quality sealants like our Bead MachineWet Dreams and Happy Ending, but can affect carnauba waxes.
  • Also safe on polished alloy, aluminium, plastic, rubber, chrome, carbon fibre, gel coat, vinyl tonneaus & seats, clear coat paint and glass.
  • A strong concentrate that mixes in our Snow Blow Cannon at a dilution ratio of 9:1.
  • For your regular maintenance washing, we recommend our Snow Job formula, keeping this one for the more dirty jobs.
  • All Australian made and developed formula that's earth friendly and biodegradable. 

Weight1.05 kg
Width8.5 cm
Height24 cm
Depth8.5 cm