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CSL 3.5m Ladder Rack with 470mm Roller

SKU: JC-00982 Part Number. JC-00982
The CSL Ladder Rack System provides a solution for either your Extension or Step Ladder to be transported on your vehicle.
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The CSL ladder rack system is constructed from non-corrosive materials capable of withstanding all manner of extreme environments and weather conditions.

Key features of the CSL are the rear roller that allows for stress free loading and unloading, and the PVC guide strips on the inside of the aluminium rails that protect the ladder from any damage whilst it is safely loaded and secured. A ladder strap is also included to secure the ladder to the Heavy Duty Cross bars.

The included Ladder Roller is made from a heavy duty alloy and supplied with a black plastic cover, fitted at the rear of the ladder rack.


  • Suitable for 3.5m/11.5ft extension & step ladders
  • 470mm/18.5 Inch wide rear roller
  • Includes ladder hoop
  • Includes Ladder Strap to secure your Ladder to a Heavy Duty bar

It is recommended that the maximum carrying capacity per ladder rack is 42kg / 93lb.

CSL 3.5m Ladder Rack with 470mm Roller